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Claygate limo hire

A few years ago, limousine hiring was considered an expensive means of transport only meant for the rich and wealthy fellows. Lately, with the availability of many types of limos, it has become affordable to all especially in Claygate. Claygate, a large village in the English county of Surrey boasts of excellent and top of the class limos that have created a frenzy. Their appealing comfort, class and style has attracted all and sundry and everyone is striving to ride in one. Fortunately, they are very affordable.

Claygate limousine hire

There are more than enough limousines for you to choose from. The white Lincoln Millennium is a limo that has graced the limousine market for a long time. It has been modified to go well with many occasions and modern technology has been installed in this stretch vehicle. It has been fitted with astounding twenty four inch alloy rims with tinted windows that provide privacy. With a luxurious interior that provides a breath taking and magnificent style and power on the road and an air control panel, this limo is a must have. There are TVs, DVD players all connected to a massive CD player music system to provide top quality sound. The interior also has mood lights that are made of fibre optic and the limo is available mainly in black and white but there are also other colours like brown, green, grey and silver.

limo hire Claygate

Other limos here are the Lincoln Navigator, the BMW X5, the Audi Q7 and the Chrysler C300 Baby Bentley. These are hired mostly for events like weddings and romantic nights. There are other special limos like the Ferrari F350 which is hired for sports days like football matches and racing days due to its sporty nature. The most sought after limo is the Hummer H2 due to its tremendous features. It is a limousine that has a separate compartment for gambling and has a seating capacity of sixteen to twenty passengers making it one of the most popular limousine in Claygate.

Mothers’ day is an occasion where you need to show your mother how special she is to you. Limo hire in Claygate is here to ensure this happens. You can hire a limousine to take you and your mother to dinner or a cinema.

limousine hire Claygate

Limo hire for kids’ parties is also available. Surprise your three year old by hiring a fire engine limo for their birthday. They will get VIP treatment from the professional chauffeurs as they cruise around this large village. The multiple gadgets will also make this experience extra special. You can also ferry at once the many guests you may have invited by hiring one of these limos that have a larger capacity like the Jeep Expedition and the Ford Excursion. In order to get you limo of choice, please ensure that you place your reservations early enough as these limos are always on high demand while some of them are fully booked all year round.

These companies that offer this service hire some of the most qualified and experienced chauffeurs in Claygate. These individuals will drive you to just about wherever you want to go and they provide additional services. They will usually wait for you as you enjoy yourself to you satisfaction then drive you back home. Treat yourself to limo hire in Claygate and you will always come for more.