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Burstow limo hire

So you want to take a vacation? There are no doubt many places for you to visit but Burstow is one place that beats them all. Picturesque and glamorous sights spice up the scenery of this area. There are also economic activities that take place here thus creating a huge demand of limousine hiring in and around this area.

Gone are the days when limousines were only for the wealthy and rich folks. Many companies have been established over the past few years and has made hiring a limousine very affordable. These companies have since modified and customized many cars into limos. This has provided many options for customers to choose from unlike back in the days when there was only one model of limo. In Burstow, there are a whooping three hundred limos a client can sample. They range form the old models to the latest. The old models include the classic Rolls Royce Phantom which was made in 1964. This is a limo that is mainly hired for special occasion like weddings and anniversaries. The vintage Rolls Royce will definitely add splendour and grandeur to your wedding.

Burstow limousine hire

The new model limos are like the BMW X5, the Lincoln Navigator, the Lincoln Millennium and the Hummer H3. These are regular cars that have been customized into limos. They are also fitted with some of the latest technology and appliances. The party bus limo has a play station console connected to the latest plasma TV for the clearest display. A dance floor is fitted in this limousine with a smoke machine, which provides the environment of a discothèque convenient to throw a bash. There is also a bubble machine and a fully stocked champagne bar that also has chilled drinks. The plasma TV is also connected to a karaoke system and a DVD player. All these are connected to a CD music player that produces quality sound. It has a gambling den for all those who are fanatics. This den has a capacity of eight passengers. It has a poker table and all other pieces of equipment that are found in a casino. There is also a playboy den which has a capacity of five passengers for five lucky playboy bunnies. This den is separate from the passenger compartment and the gambling den offering absolute privacy.

limo hire Burstow

There are other limos available for hire and the also have a touch of class. These include the Audi Q7, the Chrysler C300 and the BMW X5 which also come in different colours.

Limousines are hired to add more flair to events and because they are also comfortable and elegant. Children’s parties are occasions that are supposed to be perfect and memorable. Many parents will opt to hire a limo to make this an absolutely amazing occasion. A child’s birthday party is one that is celebrated with balloons, ribbons and candles. You can surprise your child by hiring a Fire engine limousine. This will not only be a good present but will also make this day indelible.

limousine hire Burstow

The limo will arrive with a smartly dressed chauffeur who is always ready to take your child wherever he/she would like to go. The space in this limo is large enough to accommodate a big number of kids making this occasion lively.

No matter the occasion that you have, limo hire in Burstow will cater for all your transport needs and more.