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Reigate limo hire

Are you looking for a stylish and comfortable means of transport? Are you tired of the ever building traffic? Well, worry not as there is a mode of travel that has been introduced in Reigate that will cater for all your transport needs and wants. Limo hire is a business that offers some of the best services in the transport scene and has gradually expanded especially in this humble village of Reigate.

With the availability of many limo operators, limousines have become a common and appreciated means of transport. There are many limousines for hire in Reigate and they come in various stunning colours like candy red, vanilla white and metallic blue. Most of these limousines are upgraded vehicles with customized and modified interiors that supply you with as much comfort and luxury as the original limousines.

Reigate limousine hire

The fire engine is a perfect example of these tailored limousines. This limo is just that, a fire engine that has been modified into a limousine and is also fitted with the latest appliances and gadgets that enhance the comfort that can only be found in a limo. The crew of this limo are real firemen dressed in real fire fighting attire and they will show up at your door with lights flashing and sirens blaring to make your event head turning. These fire engine limos usually seat eight people but limo hire has one that can accommodate up to sixteen passengers. The interior is perfectly furnished with the most comfortable leather seats and a pole that is normally used by the firemen dancers. This is one of the reasons it is hired for girlie occasions like Hen nights. It is also fitted with a massive sound system, a large bar with unlimited bubbly drinks as well as soft drinks. The fire engine limo is available mostly in red but limo hire Reigate has a pink one.

limo hire Reigate

The Hummer H3, the BMW X5 and the Range Rover stretch limos are some of the other limos that are on hire in Reigate. They are expensive and limo hire has ready options for all those who cannot afford to hire them and these options are like the Ford Excursion and the Jeep Expedition which have a pocket friendly hiring price. The Audi Q7, the Ferrari F350 and the party bus are the other limousines that will make your event as memorable as you want them.

limousine hire Reigate

Why not reward the hard work of your child by hiring a limousine to take them to their graduation ceremony? Imagine your child cruising around the city in a limo while being entertained with the multiple devices installed in it! You could also hire a limo for them when they finish their exams to drop them off at home or wherever they are going to celebrate. Limo hire Reigate will make sure that they have a fabulous and unforgettable occasion.

Are you planning a head turning birthday bash? Hire a fire engine limo for this event and it will turn up at your doorstep with lights flashing and siren blaring to give you just that, a head turning event. It is essential to note that limos are on high demand therefore prior booking is recommended to avoid disappointments. Hire a limo today and all your transport needs will be catered for professionally.